This course is designed to prepare students to provide routine administrative and clinical tasks to keep physician offices and other healthcare facilities organized. Students attending this program will be required to complete a total of 900 hours of coursework and pass all three examinations. Graduates of this program will be well-skilled in General, administrative, clinical, technical, and professional procedures related to medical assisting.



Course Topics Covered:


Introduction to Medical Assisting and Health Professions

The Therapeutic Approach

Responsible Medical Practice

Responsible Medical Practice

Medical Terminology, Anatomy, and Physiology

Integrated Administrative Procedures

Managing Facility Finances


Integrated Clinical Procedures

Assisting with Specialty Examinations and Procedures

Advanced Techniques and Procedures

Laboratory Procedures

Grammar and Sentence Structure


Technical and Business Writing

Computer Concepts and Keyboarding

The Medical Assistant as Clinical Manager

The Medical Assistant as Human Resources

Entry Into the Profession

Test Preparation

Internship (200 hrs.)


Occupations Leading:


Medical Assistant

EKG Technician


Medical Secretary/ Receptionist

Medical Office Clerk


Application Requirements:


In order for your meeting to be more successful with your advisor it is recommended that you bring the following documents on your scheduled visit:

Federal Photo ID

Social Security Card

High School Diploma or GED*

Updated Resume (if applicable)


* If you do not have a High School Diploma or GED, you are still able to register for classes at Clinton Institute by passing the entrance test, however, your options for financial assistance may become limited.